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Corset made by the talented Castle Corsetry

Photo taken by the awesome and very kind David Ngo

Well here it is: the fruition of my very first cosplay attempt. :)

I think it looked pretty cunning, but due to family things I missed out on going during the most important day to get any pics taken - Saturday! T__T

Sex, Muscle, Humor, and Thuggary…Jayne? Either way, I have the inclination to put by best thug face forward and go rob a bank or pull a train heist, whenever I’m channeling my inner Jayne Cobb.

See, fer the right price, this merc’s services can be yours - just so long as I get my own bunk.

Unless it’s with that creepy psychic chic who stabbed me once - I ain’t fightin’ her, ‘cause she is seriously startin’ to damage my calm. And no Reavers, neither - them folk just ain’t right, what cuttin’ their own faces and all.

Anyway, th’names Lady Jayne Cobb, and sometimes I’m perty cunning, even without the hat.

I had fun cosplaying and am already thinking about how to improve the Troublemaker corset outfit, and what other character I could potentially genderbend and portray.

I’m thinking either New 52 Jason Todd or a (Thomas Jayne) Lady Punisher. (Though, I am kinda thinking about maybe doing a sexy corset in the Burt Ward or Tim Drake style of the Robin suit….*ponders*)


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